Hi there.
Ordering a web hosting service can be confusing all those technical terms which can mean nothing to some.
I hope by this FAQ to help you make the right decision not based on price, but more about what you need.

Elcheapohost is only cheap in name and price. I use these same servers from US which if they failed, would effect my own businesses too so I have a vested interest in the service I'm offering you. Profit at these prices is minimum. I benefit insofar as I can use some of the webspace for my own sites (once again, if your servers give you problems, me also, so its in my interest to make sure everything is running smoothly).

My shared services are scaled in payments from monthly to yearly. You can change plans prior to each month completion if you like. For example, if you have the START plan and find its working well for you, but you need more than one website you can upgrade but please give me reasonable notice prior to you next monthly bill. You can save by buying a year ahead but if you are like me, I prefer to pay by month until the service proved itself suitable.
START: suitable for starting users; recommended for those starting web hosting and if successful, upgrade to a higher plan later. If your web installation is not running as you expect, I urge you to read the documentation on site which can usually help you sort any problems. I am happy to help if there is a genuine problem. Limited ticket support.
MID: suitable for small businesses eg garages, shops, restaurants (ticket and email support)..
HIGH: similar to MID, but for those with more websites and average resource needs (ticket and email support).
PEAK: should cater for most businesses except mission-critical where I would recommend dedicated, not shared servers which are much more expensive. For example, TradeMe and Warehouse possibly use NZ-based servers using non-shared plans due to liability and mission-critical issues. However, in saying this I am hosting webid.co.nz a trademe competitor with no issues whatsoever. PEAK plan has additional phone support (phone/ticket and email support).

DDOS issues.
This is possibly one of the most important but unconsidered specifications that any casual web hosting buyer can omit from their specs when buying from a hosting service.
DDOS = Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Yes, there are idiots around who make it their business to take down web resources by hacking and killing your site. I should know, as it happened to me early September 2016 with a non-protected service. I lost my web hosting for 2 days until the servers were restored.
Since then Ive moved and this new service apparently has DDOS protection built-in. Hopefully, this will never happen again to me as while they deny your service, they can also hack and change your files doing all kinds of damage. Amazing what a waste of intellect can do!!

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